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Many people have asked us if there's any way they can help this week as we get ready, as we record, and as we get everything back to normal for services on Sunday. Yes! We'd love your help.

Read this list below and if anything jumps out at you, email

1. Meals
(a) prepare either breakfast or lunch for the team on Thursday, Friday or Saturday
(b) come to the Saturday morning worship team workshop at 9:00am, see how many attend, and then go get Starbucks coffee and donuts for our 10:30am break.

2. Airport rides
(a) pick up musicians from Reagan Airport on Wednesday afternoon
(b) take musicians to Reagan Airport on Sunday morning

3. Tear-down
(a) stay late on Saturday night (we mean really late) and help us get the Sanctuary back to normal for Sunday morning services

4. Pray
(a) pray for the health of our team. With the stomach bug going around, we really need to be healthy!
(b) pray for the worship nights on Friday and Saturday
(c) pray for the worship team workshop on Saturday morning
(d) pray for the technical side of things: that everything works, that nothing breaks, and that everything gets recorded!

Written by TFC Music — February 27, 2012


Lisa Gertz:

I could fit up to two people in my car and drive them from Reagan on Wed. (I’d need to have my kids with me, though, so it will be slighly squishy). Let me know if you need me!

February 28 2012 at 01:02 PM

TFC Music:

Thanks Lisa! We have the Wednesday rides taken care of now, but really appreciate your offer of a squishy car ride.

February 28 2012 at 10:02 PM

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