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At our worship nights a couple weekends ago we sang/recorded 15 songs. We are THRILLED with the recordings and really excited for you to hear this CD.

Before you do hear it, a lot still has to happen. We've begun to listen to the recordings of Friday and Saturday night to see if any particular night stood out as "better" for one song. We've heard some obvious things that need to be fixed (like on Friday night when the sound system sounded like it exploded for a few seconds) but we'll need to start combing through each song, each instrument, each channel, each section, very carefully to fix any mistakes before the project is sent off to be mixed.

We're not trying to make a perfect worship CD. But certain things that you don't notice in the context of a worship service will stand out and be quite distracting on a CD you play in your car or on your computer. We're going to keep the CD sounding "real" and authentic. This editing process will help you not be distracted by a wrong word or out-of-tune string or a missed note.

This will give you an idea.

Written by TFC Music — March 12, 2012

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