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We are thrilled to report that as of today, March 28th, we are only $5,000 away from having this project fully funded. This is due to your generosity, pre-purchases, and donations. Thank you! If you know of anyone who might like to donate and/or pre-purchase, please pass the link on to them.

Over the last week or so, we have been carefully listening to both nights' recordings, each song several (!) times, and trying to catch the things we'll need to fix in editing.

Our recording engineer and editor, Jon Crocker, became a new father last week, when his wife Caroline gave birth to their daughter Britten. We prayed that Britten would wait until after the recording to be born, and she obliged. Now Jon is being a good husband and father, and after another week or so of getting into this new rhythm, we will begin getting down to the work at hand of editing all the tracks.

We anticipate this to take a few weeks. We'd like to be finished with this process by the end of April. Then in May we'd like to begin to work with the studio in Nashville who will be mixing this project for us.

As promised, we will keep you updated as this project moves forward. Thanks again for all your support! 

Written by TFC Music — March 28, 2012

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