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This week we are finalizing (1) obtaining all the necessary licenses (i.e. paying the royalties) for the songs which weren't originals, (2) making sure all the original songs (i.e. written by Jamie or Simon) are covered and entered into CCLI's database in case other churches want to use them, and (3) exploring getting those original songs properly copyrighted so they're legal.

This isn't terribly exciting stuff, but it's moving us closer!

Jonathan Crocker continues to work on editing the CD in his home studio. Next week the speed will pick up, and then during the final week of April we will record some overdubs while The Falls Church Anglican still resides at 115 E. Fairfax Street!

The man we had our eye on to mix this CD has confirmed that he is available, praise the Lord! Paul Salveson who lives and works in Nashville (link to: his website, or read about him on wikipedia) will begin mixing the CD in May. After he is done, Jim DeMaine at Yes Master Studios in Nashville will master the CD for us.

So things are moving along and we're grateful for your patience!

Written by TFC Music — April 11, 2012

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