The Falls Church Anglican Music

Usually you wait to pay for a CD until you can hear the CD.

We would like you to consider paying for it several months before you'll ever hold it in your hands. And not just that. We want you to consider donating an amount above and beyond the $16 for the CD.


Because while a very generous family at The Falls Church has covered all the initial costs necessary to record these songs before we lose our building, these songs still need to be mixed, mastered, put on a CD, packaged, and duplicated. This all costs money and we are filled with faith that through pre-sales and donations this project will pay for itself.

We want this CD to not only bless our congregation, but also go around the world in the hopes of exporting what God has done in our midst. How quickly that can happen depends on how enthusiastic people are about supporting it.

So this is a different kind of situation. We want you to pay for the CD (and donate extra $ if you're able) months before you'll hear it.

But we think it will be worth it! 

Thanks for your support.

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